How To Start Playing Electric Guitar – Guitar Lesson

How To Start Playing Electric Guitar – Guitar Lesson

Getting Started – Part one of my new series

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  1. I wish my Yamaha guitar sounded like that I did that stuff and it sounded different I think my amp is faulty and so of the stings

  2. that first Guitar is Hot, How can I get one?

  3. Am learning Electric Guitar soon. But am not sure if its better to acoustic first does it matter ?

  4. teach me oh wise Teacher

  5. Alexandar Savevski

    Hi my dad knows how to play an electric guitar and I dont know should I ask hom to teach me ? I am litle shai 

  6. Great vid.  Helped out a lot.

  7. My love for electric guitar just exploded lol :)

  8. actually felt like i learned some stuff from this lesson. will have to start practicing those simple chords at least once a day now. :)

  9. When I'm doing the first scale exercise when I put my ring finger down my pinky goes all the way back and then there's a slight delay to when I have to put my pinky on the next fret 

  10. I'm a massacred my wrist trying to do this

  11. Hi! I really want to learn to play the electric guitar. My parents only agree with me if i'm sure i'm going to play it for a long time, but how do i know i'm going to be good or bad at it? Tips what to do please? :)

  12. fuck i love the way you explain shit. The tips and exercises are priceless, my neibours and mates cant believe ive picked up guitar in 9 months and i owe it to you and marty shwantz your fret board exercises have made my playing lite and smooth and so laid back, thank you thank you thank you thank you.

  13. Thanks for the mind-opening lesson. Totally agree on the benefit of music theory! I think of it like putting on clothing: some clothes "go" together and some kinds of clothes don't go together. And sometimes you can bend the rules and still look good or even create a new style.

  14. Satan is watching you

    how can i easly play if i have small hands?like really smal hands.. e.e

  15. Would you say a guitar is an instrument alright for someone that has absolutely no clue about music theory at all?


  17. everytime i look at this guy.. reminds me of Day9……. why…. just why..? 

  18. chapper you are the best guitar teacher on YouTube. Thank you for teaching me how to play the proper way. Rock on dude

  19. This genuinely improved my picking, cheers!

  20. Problem is I have an explorer and I have to sit "side saddle" so there isnt really any other way to hold the guitar, is there?

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