How To Strum The Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #7

How To Strum The Guitar - Beginner Guitar Lesson #7

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Welcome to the seventh video in the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson Nate covers essential strumming hand techniques. He provides some guidance on how to find a comfortable grip for holding the pick, and then covers practical tips for staying loose and relaxed while you play the guitar.

Strumming is a foundational element of playing rhythm guitar. Not only will these tips help you establish a solid foundation for future playing, but they will also help you reduce the risk of injury or fatigue that can slow down your progress.

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  1. Is t better to play with a pick or with your fingers as a beginner??

  2. I am playing for about 7 months and you are the first person that actually learned me how to hold the pick and strum . Holding the pick natural with an angle as you said HELPED me allot . My pick is NOW not slipping thank you !!!!

  3. strange how I've always heard people saying it's the elbow that should do all the work and NOT the wrist… I guess it's up to personal preference.

  4. what if i pick with my fingers on my classical guitar

  5. I love your lessons !!

  6. what is the technique of strumming if i dont have a pick?

  7. Hey nate, when i'm strumming the A minor or the C major i'm strumming all the 6 strings, I'm not able to leave the string that is supposed to be left. what do I do…?

  8. do guitarists have massive forearms or is it just an illusion when they rest it on the guitar?

  9. Thank you for this video! I literally didn't even know that you didn't hit all 6 strings on the upstroke… so much to learn!

  10. Askrika senpaii neko

    Thanks so much for these videos it helps me alot

  11. Askrika senpaii neko

    Thanks so much for this lessons its helped me out so much

  12. injury? What a weak culture we've become. Good Video though

  13. do i have to use a pick?

  14. Don’t know if it’s the same for my electric

  15. I want to take private guitar lessons with you but I live in France. Why!? Why!? Why did I move here?!

  16. Hi I'm a fan

  17. I'm a kid my name is Jaden

  18. I love the g chord

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