How To Tune A Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson

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This video is a brief tutorial on learning basic guitar tuning methods. A FREE mp3 of the 6th string reference tone needed to start this tuning method is available from the main site at Just do a search for “Tuning” and you will find it. While your there check out the many other FREE video lessons updated daily. Your support at the main site is what will enable me to continue doing these FREE daily video lessons. THANKS!!

Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown
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  1. Hellokiller911 Deadone12

    thank u this helped me so much

  2. 2:14 You're welcome

  3. I have an guitar/bas tuner and I have no idea if it works for my electric guitar, I also realized that this was posted in 2009 but I'm very desperate so please help

  4. I know that people have to learn the skill of tuning by ear over time, but I guess that's why I appreciate my visual impairment, because my ear is basically working much better than that of someone with better vidion (;

  5. I play rhythm on my Fender Squire with hybrid strings and when I tune all of the strings perfectly, there are a mixture of strings that are sharp simply because I am putting pressure on them. So how would I avoid that efficiently? I tuned the strings that I will be putting pressure on slightly flat so that they are natural when I put pressure on them.

  6. very helpfull thanks

  7. I recorded a backing to do a solo on top of it, then found the solo I was playing was a fair way out compared to the backing. I'm fairly hopeless at tuning.

  8. He says to tune a e string and I'm just here sitting like what the hell is a e string

  9. Thanks

  10. While i was doin dis the small string snapped

  11. This was very helpful, thank you.

  12. I'm a beginner and this was very easy to follow and helped me a lot. Thanks!

  13. Christopher Grant

    Good lesson, thanks.

  14. thank you

  15. Mine still sounds like crap

  16. how to tune 6 string?

  17. traffdorr goodchild

    I've got the same guitar than you cool;)

  18. That is the same guitar I have

  19. (4)()();(5:):456

  20. TheMountainDingo

    This applies to all tunes right? Not just E standard or something?

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