How To Use A Looper Pedal – Guitar Lesson Tutorial – JustinGuitar [QA-004]

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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to use a looper pedal to practice licks, layers and create cool soundscapes. Lesson ID QA-004.

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  1. Captain America

  2. 5:40 Just call it prog and all of a sudden its not a mistake, but a cool time signature

  3. Freddys Nightmare

    show picture of the pedal please

  4. Beautiful playing, and great tips

  5. go to get a looper for 20 quid or less

  6. i never understand why someone would use a metronome when youd be better off using a drum beat.Just do it.Good lesson though thanks

  7. This would work for working on some harmonies too.

  8. Hi Justin !!! Big fan!!! Could you give me some advice I did a loop pedal video here is my link !!

  9. You're a tremendous inspiration. Your ability to just lay down a "soundscape" like you did there is mind-blowing. Makes me want to practice. Thanks!

  10. Incredible teacher. Thanks!

  11. Very well explained! Thank you!

  12. Lloyd Plueschow

    well done!

  13. watch my video on use of Looper to support my channel.

  14. This is the best tutorial for me, I was just searching for a looper and it looks like you're using the Ditto X2… I don't want to short change myself with the basic version, what do you all think?

  15. Tilley Road Affair Productions

    Thank you very much for this wonderful workshop on a very complicated thing. I have a TC flashback X4 and am having a real hard time figuring out how to use it. Maybe you made a video on that pedal…

  16. I just had my looper in the mail, so this is really helpful man. A really crystal clear explanation Justin! Really appreciate it.

  17. AlexFili's Youtube

    Really insightful. Thanks so much

  18. liaz strumbetter

    once again yer vid is right where im at in geetarr – just scored a dittox4 – big leap fer a beginner – but since i have 8 other tc electronic pedals on my board – i had 2…. thnx 4 vid…

  19. great video man….thank you

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