How to use harmonized leads when improvising on guitar. Country Guitar Lesson – EP242

In this country guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to play harmonized leads when improvising. This includes both harmonized 3rds and harmonized 6ths.

If you’d like to view the 2nd half of this guitar lesson, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam track, visit:


  1. Muy buena lección, gracias

  2. Innkeeper Studio Backing Tracks

    good stuff!

  3. As usually, beautiful playing sir! I have the same Gibson as well, can’t wait to sit down with this lesson.

  4. excellent!!!

  5. As usual Brian a very lovely melody. I don't know if you do anything else other than teach, but you're as good as any session pleyr I've ever worked with.

  6. Very clear explanation of what you are doing.

  7. Smooth as silk!!

  8. Thank you for your lessons brian! Always enjoy and learn something. You have been a great inspiration right since delta blues ep 30 something!!

  9. So sweet! How often do you play out with your buddies? Are you influenced weekly what they may play? Do you play in public in Nashville? Leipers?

  10. Brian, just keep playing it sounds great about a half hour more would be nice.

  11. great lesson!

  12. Beautiful

  13. Love this easy-going style. Great lesson!

  14. Best lesson hands down you've done… Idc what nobody says

  15. Beautiful , thank you

  16. What a lovely piece, Brian. I can hear a subtle George influence (you mentioned recently that you had been listening to 'Cloud Nine', and I know you are a George fan, so I am not that surprised). Thanks for this lesson.

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