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#BASSNATION in this week’s lesson release I’ll be showing you how to play the major pentatonic scale through its inversions. Really all you need to do for this is to start the scale on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th note of the scale. This is an extremely useful exercise for fretboard navigation and just your general knowledge to jam, solo and etc! Grab your bass and dig in with me.

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***Here’s links to some of the gear used***

Basses Used:

Elrick Basses

Dunlop Bass Strings

Recording Gear:
Gallien Krueger Plex Preamp

Recording Interface

In Ear Monitors

Great Beginner bass



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  1. Maaaannnn….. That’s gonna be in my head allllll daayyyy!!!!!

  2. This is good stuff. Well explained as well C D E G A back to root. God bless!

  3. Hey! How are you looping what you're playing?

  4. Yo por que no hablo ingles? 🙁

  5. Really impressed with this technique mate. Its like the modes but pentatonic.

  6. ‘Pentatonic modes’

  7. Simple and easy thank you

  8. When you switch notes are you playing a different penatonic or the same penatonic in a different mode?

  9. What loop pedal are you using?

  10. speak de french on comprend pa pas l anglais svp

  11. Something am not understanding at first .are u playing c major scale in all the notes I mean CDEGA

  12. I appreciate your intro. Brevity is awesome!

  13. Thumbs up. You just taught all the people who are scared of the modes all the modes of the pentatonic scale. 🙂

  14. Nice video !!!! What looping system did you use ?

  15. Your voice is kinda different

  16. That’s so tight!

  17. can you help me on how to play lively in the gospel band?

  18. yes cool

  19. fantastic bass playing

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