How To Use Power Chords – Rhythm Guitar Lesson #3

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This is video three of the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson you will learn how to move the power chord shapes from the last lesson all around the fretboard to play any power chord you want. This way, if a band mate, friend you’re playing with, or even sheet music calls for you to play a specific power chord – you’ll be able to move right to that chord.

In order to do this effectively you’ll need to learn the note names on the sixth and fifth guitar strings. It may take some time to accomplish this, but that’s ok. By working on your power chords through this lesson, and the rest of the series, you’ll start to memorize them over time.

Ready for the next lesson? You can find the entire rhythm guitar series here:



  1. The cool thing about you is i

    your teaching contains coolnessssssss//..//…..

  2. Where is the jam track??

  3. Very interesting never thought of that I will give it a try thanks!

  4. It really helpful, Thank You.

  5. You are an awesome teacher. That is a gift. Thank you

  6. In 5th note which stirngs I should Sturm


  8. This is great

  9. Look at his face at 5:57. great video btw

  10. ধূসর Dhushor

    hey I Bangladeshi boy your guitar lessons awesome you are my boss love gayes…. keep it up…

  11. Your awesome sir

  12. I finally feel I have the same quality of guitar lessons like I used to get with a 1to1 teacher. Great channel and teacher.

  13. Where is the jam track

  14. where can I find the jam track?

  15. You are amazing! Gonna watch all your videos. Thank you!!!!!

  16. Nate I really appreciate your ability to break it down to the basics. I have another older course and it throws in octave shapes, chord shapes, etc. it's just a lot of stuff all at once. This is easier for me as you just get the skelton and get some confidence playing right off the bat. Thanks!

  17. This video was so helpful, thanks!

  18. Please do a tutorial how to play Sappy of Nirvana

  19. just learnin….cant wait to get home and jam out on these power chords, thanks for the vids

  20. Hello sir, I wanted to ask that can we use these power chords as a substitute for open chords like C G Or D

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