Hows it gonna be, third eye blind, guitar lesson

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  1. Olivia Rodriguez

    thank you

  2. you almost lost my attention in the rythym lesson part. i think its helpful. but uneccesary to those who just want to grab and go with the chords

  3. Good, but not how they play this on the album.

  4. Darryl Masagatani

    This is the easiest online guitar lesson I've ever seen. Kudos!

  5. You may be a great guitar teacher but ya sure as hell don't have a green thumb. Throw out that dead plant on the little table, bro!

  6. Awesome!!!

  7. I'm confused. You're not doing a full 4 count for the first D chord, then you do what seems like a half count for the change to A then to G. What is the timing per chord please.

  8. Great explanation and demonstration of the beat counts relative to the metronome in the song.

  9. This was the best guitar tutorial for this song. I liked that you incorporated the metronome as well as the capo into this lesson. Thanks so much for this lesson.

  10. Awesome thanks man!!

  11. Thanks for the lesson; very simple and clear. Great song too.

  12. This lesson really shows the value of the METRONOME in vivid detail!  Also the importance of what is going on in the RHYTHM , and not just saying : up, down , up down, etc!  I think I grasped more in this video than all other combined. Thanks for great teaching.  At least now I know I have been right on-track, in what I've been doing .  lol         Thanks 🙂

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