Hurricane | Luke Combs | Beginner Guitar Lesson
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Learn to play this great song by Luke Combs “Hurricane” using the G, C, D, Em chords
God bless!
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  1. Hey Matt any chance you can do a how to acoustic on the lead intro part?

  2. his singing deters me from watching sorry

  3. Thanks! , you played this song to your son In a diff lesson.

  4. Strumming pattern?

  5. I have no idea if you're strumming or not…maybe detail that for beginners

  6. Hey, thanks for the video… I've taught myself to play and ur video helps me so much…. love how ur so cool and relaxed… just being ya self

  7. Metodi Sariyski

    whats the strumming pattern on for this song

  8. Hi Matt, i having problems trying to work out the trimming patten for Hurricane. Any help would be great, maybe a pattern if you have one. Cheers

  9. What kind of guitar is that ?

  10. Hey… Love your lessons. Could you do "can I get an outlaw" by Luke combs? Please and thank you

  11. Dude you're awesome! You've helped me so much learning how to sing while playing the guitar! Keep it up man

  12. KevinKnox Playlist

    I can't sing a lick but u can play the hell outta a guitar!

  13. Marlo Stanfield

    What Taylor Guitar do you use? Baby or Big baby?

  14. John-Michael Rodriguez

    Where did you get that guitar?

  15. Luke combs actually plays it with c at 9 too

  16. Why don't people talk about these easy four chords more?!?! After seeing your videos I have seen Dylan Scott, Luke Combs, and Ed Sheeran do the same thing (and I'm sure MANY others!). This should be the way people are taught!!

  17. Can you do the man i wanna be Chris young

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