Hysteria Guitar Lesson – Muse

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In this Hysteria guitar lesson, I will show you to play this early hit from Muse in it’s entirety.

“Hysteria” is off of their third studio album Absolution, which is the first time I began to listen to them. The album quickly became my favorite album of the year, and “Hysteria” one of my favorite tracks.

The song is in standard tuning and is dominated by bass guitar, but I will just be focusing on Matthew Bellamy’s guitar parts.

Matthew Bellamy’s guitar parts, start with the opening pick slide.

After that intro, the main riff appears with Bellamy playing an octave melody interspersed with melodic bends.

The guitar drops out during the verse, but comes back in for the powerful chorus. This chorus section is made up of mostly simple power chords, but the endings of each chorus are a little bit different so you will want to pay close attention to that.

After the second chorus we have a really cool bridge riff that sends us off into the solo.

In the solo, I recommend using the neck pickup (unlike I did in the video lesson) in order to more closely recreate the tone of the original recording. There are also some extra effects added to the guitar tone as well.

The solo contains some really melodic intervallic playing that resolves into a laidback arpeggio sequence. It is a very original and musical solo.

After the solo, the song concludes with the chorus and the bridge riff to close out the song.

I hope you enjoy learning this great track from the incomparable Muse! #hysteriaguitarlesson #muse #guitarcovers


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