Hysteria (Muse) – The Chris Wolstenholme Bass Classic (tabs & tutorial)

Chris Wolstenholme is a great bass player. The bass riffs he creates for the band Muse are always inventive and interesting. Especially on the tone front.

In this lesson we’re looking at the classic Chris Wolstenholme bass riff from the song Hysteria by Muse. This bass line is notorious for the debates that rage on bass forums regarding the effects pedals in use.

We’re going to look at the bass line itself and I’ll give you some tips on mastering the line as well as some extra advice on learning tricky lines by ‘chunking’.

Tab and tracks here: https://www.talkingbass.net/hysteria-chris-wolstenholme-bass-riff-muse/

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  1. why am i here i don't even have a bass i'm an acoustic guitarist

  2. David Valdovinos

    Any true muse fan knows that the real Chris Wolstenholme hidden gems are Darkshines, Hyper Music, Recess, and City Of Delusion

  3. awesome!!!!!

  4. Nice eyebrows

  5. OkonkwoPlaysBass

    The 2 most common problems I've come across when teaching this riff

    1) People thinking it's faster than it really is

    2) Playing too hard with the plucking hand, tiring them out quickly. Playing lightly and letting the amp do the work is critical for this to be sustainable

    New Born is a fun bass part too. Way easier on a 5 than drop D on a 4 imo. Liquid State is a fun one too.

  6. Boss Leprechaun

    A great riff made by their guitarist.

  7. Let me tell you that big muff does a great job.

  8. Love the tone you got. Its killer

  9. This is Ale from The Warning at 8 years old

  10. Bro we all learned this like 5 years ago

  11. Mark Edwards Pezenosky

    To me sounds sounds like sounds like black Sabbath sound garden

  12. poopy Doo Doo britches

    Do you teach how to read sheet music?

  13. poopy Doo Doo britches

    You are a great teacher! Mahalo!

  14. Gonzalo Robledo

    Great video! Aren't any of the notes played as hammer ons?

  15. Thank you for showing the picking part. Was having trouble playing the second part properly, but with using your picking technique it's a lot better.

  16. diabolus pepito


  17. Great riff to warm up the fingers !

  18. Thank you so much Mark. I know I was the one bugging you to play "Hysteria's riff" . You look so cool playing it. Thank you again. Respect.

  19. magnificent seven- The Clash?

  20. I’m so used to seeing him play it with his bass strung very low, it looks like cramp town having it up that high! Very well researched with his tone, got it right!

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