"I Can See Clearly Now" Guitar Lesson // Easy Acoustic Summer Guitar Songs

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Here’s how to play the wonderful song I Can See Clearly Now, originally recorded and released by Johnny Nash.

In the verse section, this song mainly includes basic open chords, making the first half of the video tutorial below suitable for most beginners.

The middle 8 sections uses some barre chords, and is much harder in general – making that more suitable for intermediate level players only.

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  1. wonderful guitar teacher…

  2. Hi Andy, am learning your 10 days free coaching, am new to guitar and currently am on day two, i can see you are a great teacher.

  3. Prashant Pradhan

    Please can you make a tutorial for thirteen by big star huge request

  4. Love this song Andy. Well done. Another fantastic guitar tutorial.


    Pls do a tutorial for "BABY U KNOW BY JESSICA LUCAS "❤❤❤❤❤ plsss

  6. Guitar model?

  7. Adriano The Everything

    Thanks Andy, you are the best.

  8. Thank you Andy for keeping us going through lockdown becuse my guitar teacher is closed

  9. If ember learning this a couple years ago In my guitar lessons

  10. I can see clearly see now that Andy is a great teacher and guitarist

  11. Do more tutorials

  12. Sir I cant play the upstrum…
    Like if i want to play a C Major then downstrum is good but cant do upstrum plz help

  13. Could you do a tutorial on Budapest by George Ezra

  14. Pls do more solos and intermediate stuff and we would love some tips and tricks and guitar hacks.

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