I Hired PRO Bass Teachers and Pretended to be a BEGINNER…

I Hired PRO Bass Teachers and Pretended to be a BEGINNER...

I took some bass lessons from pro bass teachers and I faked and pretended to be a beginner… but then I started SLAPPING the bass like a pro and that was such a checkmate moment

Bass Teachers featured in this video:
Riley Hagan: https://www.youtube.com/user/basslessonsunlimited

Special thanks to Jeffrey Thomas: https://jeffrey-thomas.com/
He offers a free bass, guitar and ukulele lesson on Skype! It’s really worth it.
Tell him I say hi!

Thanks to the teacher Karina Auday , she teaches on skype and here: https://preply.com/en/tutor/87648/
web: http://karinaauday.com/ youtube channel . https://www.youtube.com/user/labajista
Spotify Album . https://open.spotify.com/album/4uPH2MjZdqzC71nTOlrk7p

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  1. teach me how to S L A P P

  2. we need about 20 year
    davie : poooofffffff

  3. 6:13 that female teacher is a 100% argentinian. thick accent… vamos argentina jaj

  4. You are so funny!


  6. "I wanna play like davie504"

    If you want I'll give you lessons to try to get you do sound like him. Should be pretty easy. I'll only charge $40 and hour

  7. Davie, I play BASS (marginally) and that other instrument (with an extra two strings) but I gotta tell ya, I found you're channel during the virus lock-down in the US. Thank you for the EPIC SLAP and the humor. Making this time go by better. You EPIC SLAP! <bows to the King>.

  8. I laughed so hard.


  10. They all looked so sad when you started putting them in checkmate it was fabulous


  12. Moises The Boises

    Wait, the first teacher looks a lot like triple camera guy

  13. Dude how did you learn how to play like that..
    Make some tutorials for bass learner like me

  14. 3:40 is a famous youtuber
    . Hes channel is stevebelieveguitar he has 12.1k subs

  15. Davie has betrayed the BASS
    He likes Guitar
    That is ILLEGAL

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