I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. you have no idea how unbelievably helpful this tutorial was. I have been wanting to learn this song for at least 6 months and no tutorials have even come close to how good this one is. 10/10 Amazing! would definitely recommend to a friend.Thank you much!! 🙂

  2. The tempo?

  3. wow, thank you!!! Finally a strum patter I can see on the screen!!! Yes, yes yes!!!

  4. YES! Thank you SO very much! I have been wrestling with the strumming patterns for this song for months!  Thanks to you I think I'll now be able to tackle it! 

  5. this is how a lesson should be(atleast for beginners)….good job!!!

  6. This is me & my mothers song thankyou

  7. This was unbelievably helpful, thank you so much!

  8. Thanks so much! XD

  9. Loved it.

  10. Just play it using bar chords and move the notes three frets up

  11. I think you are a valuable asset to the Human Race. Thank you for your generosity. I think there are a great many guitar players who will learn a little faster and therefore enjoy a little more and sooner than if you had not taken the time to contribute. You Shine! jb

  12. I dont have a fucking capo.
    I need to learn this song. Right away. And i dont have a capo.

  13. Is the Chorus repeated like in the intro or is the sequence played once?

  14. Jimrie David Pableo

    your scottish accent is actually conducive for learning 🙂

  15. @brandi7ish LMFAO!!!!!

  16. @heinzkitzvelvet Ah to be sure lad…u suck!

  17. This man is amazing…go to his site and he will send you some free lessons…taught with just as much learnability as on here! I have brushed up after years of putting my guitar down…He even answered my personal email. MAN R WE LUCKY!!!

  18. "aahhh, we doon't waaant, aaahhh, anymar guuns in aahh nardrn Irelind, royt now, because we've od theese guuns, and aahhhh."

  19. Im a left handed guitarist, and a newbie, and this was the ONLY song i found on youtube that I ACTUALLY like, so thanks dude!

  20. Thank you this was extremely helpful. I do agree though that if you even say where the words coincide with the chord changes it would help alot. Really thorough job though, much appreciated.

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