I Love Rock And Roll – Easy Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar Joan Jett

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  1. Courtney Myers

    these people don't know how to play this stuff. eye of the tiger is in a .

  2. you just got a subscriber

  3. alberto mendez

    Hey Mr Marty, Thank you, You rock it outlllll keep it up!!!

  4. This guy is hilarious

  5. That intro is creepy as fuck

  6. Alicia Stephens

    awesome, thank you!

  7. Darius Firestorm

    Dude, You're great, thanks a lot for Your amazing lessons. I learn by your videos with my son to play!

  8. Matt King images

    im a 40+ year man with no rhythem no timing and slow to pick up anything musically but thanks to your lessons i can fool some people into thinking i can play the guitar . TOP MAN !!!!

  9. Ive just discovered your tutorials. your making the impossible possible. Thanks a lot Marty

  10. Thanks mate…you make it look so easy..bought an electric years ago but I am scared of it coz I can't do anything on it.Keep going back to acoustic where I feel safe. I'm hoping this inspires me to get it going.

  11. Hermanni Kauhanen

    im 10 years old and I can learn anything from you

  12. saydain sheikh

    please can u make a vdo on the man machine by kraftwerk

  13. saydain sheikh

    please can u make a vdo on the man machine by kraftwerk

  14. Gingerwarlord300

    please can you do a tutorial for 115 by Elena Seigman

  15. Heya Marty,
    I have a lesson request…I'd like to request a lesson on how to play Lou Reed's (Rock&Roll) song, as it was recorded live on his album "Rock & Roll Animal" Lou seems to play many of his tunes differently every time he performs them, the version I'm looking to learn is from his Rock & Roll Animal album. Including some of the lead work as well…thanks for your consideration.

  16. you make it easy to play songs your guitar lessons are the best

  17. Hey marty you are awesome

  18. random shot of a huge crowd over his face. lol

  19. I love the sarcasm in some of your tutorials. Your disposition in this and Ironman are the best. Hilarious. You are good at what you do, keep on rocking.

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