I Promise – Radiohead – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

00:12 00:34 Verse
2:23 2:48 Chorus
4:02 4:30 Bridge
5:55 5:35 Alternate way to play verse

First column is a playthrough, second column is the chords.

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  1. Good stuff man. No bullshit. Learned it in 5 minutes, thanks to you. You have my like and subscription.

  2. 'Alfredo Castro

    Fucking awesome how you managed to learn, play to perfection and then make a lesson about this song the very same day it was officially released by the band. I've been learning the Readiohead's songs with your videos and it's quite good the way you teach. Keep the good work mate.

  3. awesome and sounds correct thanks for making your lessons easy to follow

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