I Remember You Guitar Lesson – Skid Row – Famous Riffs

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Today’s famous riff comes to you by way of the always ripping Skid Row with their hit power ballad “I Remember You”.

In this I Remember You guitar lesson we will be taking a look at the main acoustic riff that opens the song and that also makes up a majority of the verse.

The riff is based around just two simple chords but is made much more difficult by some agile fills thrown in between the changes that requires a pretty accurate picking touch.

If you follow the picking indications that I demonstrate in the video, everything will be much easier. The key is to make the picking of those fills as economical as possible.

Of course there is the issue of having to do hammer-ons and pulls-offs on an acoustic guitar, but as long your guitar is set up well it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

If you do have a problem with any of the fills simply isolate it and practice it by itself over and over again while staying in rhythm. That kind of detailed practice is how you can overcome most technical difficulties on the guitar.

Hope you guys enjoy learning this riff from this great 80’s power ballad classic by one of my favorite bands of that era. 🙂



  1. Very cool

  2. I must be a visual learner because that looks a lot easier than reading it in tab.

  3. he isn't using a guitar pick, right? just his fingers

  4. thank you..

  5. Love your lessons I must agree with everyone else PLEASE DO THE WHOLE SONG electric parts too!,!!!!
    Must say whenever I look up a song I always check your page first, thanks for everything

  6. Excelente!

  7. I've seen this song in a few other videos and the fills weren't quite right. Glad I found your video! Thank you

  8. OchenteroyNew wave mireligionLOS-80s
  9. Easy! Thanks man!

  10. Excellent tutorial as usual, thanks brother!

  11. what is the strumming pattern and when do you switch notes? thanks

  12. could you please do skid row 18 and life please

  13. OchenteroyNew wave mireligionLOS-80s

    0:15 exelente man
    i love this piece

  14. I know that this is an old video but that guitar is a beauty. Does anyone know what it is?

  15. nice sounding guitar and great playing!

  16. Carl, your lessons are awesome. I struggled for weeks with Boston's longtime and then I found your lesson. You straightened me out haha. This one got 600 likes so hoping you will do the whole tune. Wouldn't mind seeing 18 and life in its entirety. Thanks for putting this stuff out there, top notch. your a great player and you have great tone as well.

  17. 600 Likes! 🙂

  18. 600 likes 🙂

  19. Hey Carl, we got 600 likes! Please do a lesson on the rest of the song. Thank you for all the lessons you do!!!

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