I spent DECADES on these 10 TIPS | Play better guitar NOW | Guitar Lesson


Here’s a new video with a series of tricks and tips you can incorporate right away to help your playing.

These are habits that took me my whole career to sharpen and hone.

Though they are simple enough to get started on right now, they quickly become second nature.
Eventually you do them without thinking!

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September looks even stronger .

Thanks again for all your support!


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  1. You anywhere near California?

  2. Wutipong Wongsakuldej

    Just see your thumb lifted off the pick, and it still sit nicely on the index finger. Somehow I have a question "did he glue a pick on his finger??".

  3. Great tips. Not happy about the new curtains.

  4. Why do i fell this guy tries far to hard nothing i have heard played moves me
    An aggressive style with an annoying harsh hard sweep on the down beat in every solo played …


  5. Nothing more educational than seen pros at work…

  6. Tim your opening jam almost made me sell all my guitars!

  7. Great playing Tim, If I bend my guitar neck back like yours it does not come back.
    Love the fish eye lens!

  8. You're awesome. You also remind me of the guy from the balloon movie "Up"

  9. Been watching your channel for a bit now. Your playing is sick! Ty

  10. EXCELLENT video! A lot of these tips apply to more than guitar performance, this video should be required viewing for all musicians.

  11. To me it seems you when you were talking about "owning it", "playing as your life depends on it" and so for, it sound like playing with passion or having passion (a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music). When I would train people at work, I would tell them can look at this position in two ways – as a job or as a career. How you look at it will tell you how successful, how happy, and the longevity you will have in this position. And there was nothing wrong with looking at the position as a job. It was just knowing their mindset. When I watch your videos, I see a person with a passion for not only playing guitar, but collaborating with other musicians, contributing to song in the studio or live, and the comradery of being part of a team or an effort to accomplish something creative. I see a person who has a career in music and is passionate about it. Take care and God bless. Happy belated Birthday.

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  13. Tim simple is good. As fantastic as Steve Via's music is it is quite complex and I believe that is why you don't hear it on the radio.

  14. powerbylight futureisnow

    What a master! I salute you Master , i thank you.

  15. The master at work

  16. Is your pick glued to your finger?!

  17. That PRS sounds wonderful! Damn it

  18. Your videos and Rick Beatos vids compliment each other nicely. He discusses theory and you discuss mechanics.

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