I Walk The Line • Into riff guitar lesson (Johnny Cash)

I Walk The Line • Into riff guitar lesson (Johnny Cash)

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In this lesson I’ll teach you to play the complete intro riff to “I Walk the Line”, complete with tabs and strumming instructions. I’ll start with an easy version that focuses only on the bass notes (no chords or strumming), and from there I’ll show a moderate version that adds single chord strums to the mix. Finally, I’ll show an advanced version that adds muted strummming and the characteristic “boom-chicka” percussion style. Wherever your skill level is, you’ll find what you need to learn this classic song’s intro.

Here’s the timestamps for this video:

0:00 Lesson overview
2:19 Variation 1: bass notes only
13:26 Variation 2: adding simple chord strums
21:27 Variation 3: adding muted “boom-chicka” strumming
25:18 Farewell

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