I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash (Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-105) How To Play

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BS-105-IWalkTheLine-JohnnyCash.php
In this very easy beginner song guitar lesson (Stage 1) we’re going to learn a simplified version of Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line. How much fun can you have with just A, D and E? 🙂

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  1. That sucks. Have you no sense of modesty? If you can't play the song, and if you can't sing, then you fool nobody but yourself because a video doesn't lie.

  2. Chester Bennington

    Dont copy the voice of johnny cash

  3. Thanks! Subbed!

  4. Why would anyone give u schticky or think your taking the Micky.. ?
    Your teaching people how to play guitar, & what else are u supposed to do?
    This is sooo helpful to me , with you SInging, how else would I know how the song goes..?
    So Thanku personally from me annemarie daniele from Australia!
    You are the best guitar teacher in the world! And I mean that literally.. The whole world is on the web & you have made guitar playing fun and REWARDING!! .. So rewarding- with your style of teaching at all ages can play & learn & for the 1st time has allowed me in 4 years to play threw the heart w/out having to concentrate on " Each particular Note I play " you've taught it so I can singalong -and play with my feeling I thanking You for that from the bottom of my heart Justin .

    " THANKU! "

  5. Can you do Born to Die Alone by Kris Kristofferson? I can't seem to find any videos on that.
    Thank you either way! Great videos!

  6. wow you sang pretty good

  7. Hello, in the last rhythm style (bass + high strings) does he actually mute the low E and A strings ? his left thumb seems to go over the board and mute E, when playing D his fingertips seem to mute E and A etc. Or does he really precision pick and its just the way his hand moves ?

  8. Hi Justin, can you please make a lesson (with simple chords) for 'I Am A Rock' and/or 'Homeward Bound' by Simon & Garfunkel ….looking forward to learning from you Sir….!

  9. Simple version starts 1:28

    E E E E
    A A A A
    E E E E
    A A A A
    D D D D
    A A A A
    E E E E
    A A A A
    (Repeat from top)

  10. Is anyone else having trouble getting the song to actually sound like the song? It just sounds like a bunch of different noises

  11. Alanna Rose Terova

    Love your personality, twinklin boyish good looks and teaching style! Bravo, and thanks! <3

  12. Justin my friend you are one amazing Guitar teacher. I've started learning at a local music shop 25 years old. I started with lessons for a few years can't afford them. I came to your channel and I'm learning how to use chords. I wish I had money to donate maybe. Some day when I get a full time job I will give you some money. I'm 32 years old now trying to learn the guitar still. I hope I an progress using your methods. I hope I'm not the only adult learning to use the guitar. From Daniel Mauro. Thank you so much for your time effort teaching Me and other people the guitar. 🙂

  13. Did nice sing along

  14. Is there any chance you could do a tutorial on the song Mississippi Sand? Here's a link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw3rVns6mFQ

  15. That second Strumming pattern is impossible to slow down without losing all sense of what it's supposed to sound like.

  16. Thank you so much for your time Justin

  17. Strumming patterns are hard to make consistent. I got Justin's CD's and have ripped them to my Ipod, I use Headset in conjunction with metronome when practising. It is very easy to think you are keeping in sync, however using the metronome teaches you to listen and pay attention to rhythm especially strumming action. Practice is very important. Thanks to Justin, these song vid's make sure you are playing your chords correctly.

  18. Amazing

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