I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash – Luther Perkins – Guitar Lesson

In this lesson I take a detailed look at how to play the classic Johnny Cash track. Guitar on this song was played by the great Luther Perkins and I give you a note-for-note run through of his introduction, then talk you through the chords for the rest of the song. Full and accurate music/tab can be found here as well as more info on the song: http://www.anyonecanplayguitar.co.uk/i-walk-the-line-by-johnny-cash

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  1. turtle turtle

  2. Great Job!!

  3. Luther played the boogie.

  4. What a great lesson! I subscribe to lots and lots of YouTube teachers but hadn't come upon your instruction before, so superbly done. As an "advanced" beginner the theory makes perfect sense and the country rhythm will be fun to play and just what I need to progress in my ability. Quick question, is the Luther Perkins picking style at all derived from Mother Carter and the Carter Family? Thanks so much.

  5. Great lesson!

  6. Cory Waylon Black

    Awesome! I was playing it A D A E A. I'm glad I watched this a B7 is in there to. Thank you and keep it up.

  7. What guitar is that?

  8. ahhh you're sooo coool,thanks a Lot!!!

  9. kingclassicsvids

    Excellent work, thanks

  10. definitely the first time Ive seen a roadcase for a Champ Oo

  11. thanks for all the lessons Adrian. I had this idea that you might play Purple Rain really well. Any chance you might like to cover it?

  12. excellent …

  13. Love the way you break done these songs. Helps a lot. Keep up the great work!

  14. Luther tuned up a whole semitone or fret

  15. great video the way you teach it very good

  16. Bloody Shambles

    Excellent, thanks for doing these.

  17. I love watching your videos. you're the only one that teaches very well n very informative. the other guys they play too much nonsense n don't teach you anything…

  18. You are a great teacher,
    thanks for the lessons!

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