I Wish Grandpas Never Died | Riley Green | Beginner Guitar Lesson

I Wish Grandpas Never Died by Riley Green uses the G, C ,D, Em chords for verses and chorus.
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God bless!
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  1. How about Judds Grandpa Tell Me About the Good Old days?

  2. @countrysongteacher I have a question! So with my last two fingers do I push down where I hear the strings or do I just mute them?

  3. You have helped me tremendously how to play a guitar. If i could just get the strummung patterns down i got the cords down pat. I always wanted to learn to play Cowgirls dont cry. Bye Brooks and Dunn …. id love if you could teach how to play it

  4. Santerra Blevins

    Can you do More Hearts Like Mine by Ingrid Andress?

  5. Hayden Schneider

    Hey best music teacher ever! Yes you Matt. Your so funny and have a lot of fun and make every lesson so clear. I really wanna meet you! I’m. I’m to consistent at golf either lol. Do you think I could ever meet you someday?

  6. How are your three little bears doing, Matt?

  7. Please do cover by Brooks and Dunn… Cowgirls dont cry.

  8. Hey Matt 'great to hear you again' now to retune just put a capo on the first fret .and tune regular 'when you take the capo off you are tuned down like Riley!!

  9. Have you ever done I Know A Guy by Chris Young? I would love to learn how to play that one. 🙂

  10. Bro been watching your videos for a while. And I honestly love you bro. You’ve probably taught me entirely how to play in standard. In the past few years. I just turned 21. The other day and me being able to play guitar. is the greatest step into my dream. God gifted me with a five octave vocal range. With that and the guitar skills you taught me. I’m going to change the world, one song at a time. all I have to do is figure how to get out in the world. But with that being said brotha I wanna think you for being the best “CountryGuitarTeacher” Ever!!!!!!

  11. Please do heartache medication !!! Amazing song

  12. We ask… and you deliver! Love this song! Thx Matt

  13. Jonathan Ebmeyer

    Thanks for doing my request, Matt!

  14. Thanks MM

  15. Thanks Matt, you the man God Bless.

  16. Still liked it.

  17. YESSS!!!! Awesome video!

  18. "Everybody sit back down" words or no words I know I'd still be standin hahah. Another great lesson!!

  19. Can you teach party crowd plz!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your videos btw thanks for all you do

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