I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (drop D tuning)

I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz - Acoustic Guitar Lesson (drop D tuning)

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the awesome Jason Mraz song – I Won’t Give Up. (please note: place a capo on the 2nd fret to play in the same key as the original). Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk where you can find a song sheet and intro tab for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: http://www.gofundme.com/guitartutorman 🙂


  1. Thank you sir! This is what I'm looking for, cheers! :)

  2. Excellent job

  3. Woooow… nice… your teaching is the total package! ^_^ ♥♥

  4. Woooow… The total package ^_^ ♥♥

  5. OMG… What can I say?
    Found some of your videos here in youtube when searching guitar tutorial and you gave very detail and easy to understand.
    Your performance really makes me love to learn more how to play guitar.
    Love your beautiful voice as well… Really want to compile all songs that have been sung by you to my phone lol…
    Thank you soooo much Alan Robinson for providing this useful videos for us.
    Wish you all the best….
    Rob – Jkt

  6. Jannine Pritz Piyao

    good and nice

  7. Perfect. TX Alan

  8. nice

  9. Nunung Maratus Soleha

    i need u be as my practice teacher,,,please hhe lol,, really impossible right?

  10. Nunung Maratus Soleha

    waw so helpful ,
    but most the problem is at me,
    too slow to know,,
    OMG !!! so sad can't do it,

  11. NICE!

    can i asked ,,?
    can u make a photograph by-ed sheeran

  12. Hi! I just want to tell you that you're my favorite guitar tutor, Alan! Could you make a make a video on Let It Go, please? 😀 Love your videos!

  13. Just helped you get a little further – thanks man. Am trying to learn this for my lovely girl and you have made it easier to make her happy. Good on you ; )

  14. My favorite song <3 simple & easy thnx :D

  15. Dear god. Avanged sevenfold please. M
    r alan.

  16. Thanks again Mr. +Alan Robinson for your video 😀
    Dear Mr. +Alan Robinson can you make a cover video (guitar lesson) by Avenged sevenfold?? 🙁 please..
    Respectful. :)

  17. It`s wonderful. Very good!!

  18. Goldicenth Monteron


  19. Bonjour Alan, pourriez-vous faire une interprétation+Leçon de la chanson Mr Big-To be with you s'il vous plaît ?

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