If – Bread – Guitar Lesson


  1. Thanks again Ivor for a wonderful tuition of a bread classic, its great that you are replying to our requests for songs, hope you are feeling better soon, you have earned a good rest cheers mate, Howard.

  2. Fantastic lesson Ivor .I hope your feeling better .

  3. A tour de force from the Gates and Ashworth.
    E6/A, E/G#, Em/G, Esus4/F#,
    E7sus4/F, A, Fsus#4, E7,
    F#m, F#mmaj7/F, F#m7/E, F#m/A,
    Em6, F#7, Bm7, E7.

  4. Francisco Martinez

    Hi Ivor, greetings from México City. I hope you are in good health. Very good lesson.

  5. Feel better!

  6. Rafał Jędrzejczyk

    Hi Ivor. I hope your cold will go away soon. Could you please do a lesson on Masters of War by Bob Dylan?

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