If Not For You Acoustic Guitar Lesson – George Harrison

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Learn to play If Not For You Guitar lesson – George Harrison sample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at http://www.totallyguitars.com/target-songs/george-harrison/if-not-for-you-guitar-lesson.html. Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests.

If Not For You was written by Bob Dylan and appeared on his 1970 album New Morning. George Harrison, who had always been a fan of and was heavily influenced by Dylan, covered in it 1970 as well on his album All Things Must Pass. George’s version added some slide guitar to the accompaniment, giving it a touch of his signature sound. The lesson goes over the chord progression as well as some of the slide fills. If you have not tried playing bottleneck or slide guitar you might start with the lesson on Amazing Grace. If Not For You is a good one for the second step of your bottleneck journey.

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  1. Thank you Neil for your effort and insight…A very great song your effort is appreciated.

  2. I just started to try to learn this piece. I , without yet even strumming along yet assume by watching the live George and Bob rehearsal, that the song is in key of G. You play it the same way, I think it would b G, so why not tune to an open G tuning and do the slide? High or low G, might b interesting to experiment. Although the 2.3 and 4 strings contain the same notes as open G, no difference there. Guess I'll find out, nice lesson, no one ever addresses the slide on this one.

  3. you sir have wasted my time

  4. Loving your lessons… But less of the history course… Don't be a camera hore x

  5. Very nice, well done, THANKS!

  6. correct G. E. Smith did

  7. I can't get the slide part at all just from watching the video of you playing it. 🙁

  8. ya i was just going to say

  9. maybe the slide part was Bob Dylans part

  10. So its G, D, C as a chord progression over and over again? Or did i spot G7 in there at one stage…?

  11. George didnt play slide at the 30th concert!

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