Imagine Acoustic Guitar Lesson – John Lennon

Imagine Acoustic Guitar Lesson - John Lennon

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In this Imagine acoustic guitar lesson video we will be covering a special guitar arrangement for the all time John Lennon classic.

I have a arranged the piano parts to be played easily on acoustic guitar with some basic chords and fingerpicking. Imagine is probably John Lennon’s most popular song outside of his work with the Beatles. Luckily, even though it was recorded on piano, it fits quite nicely on the guitar as well.

In this Imagine acoustic guitar lesson video there are 3 parts to learn for the full song and each one is broken down for you.

This was a fun one to do. I love the song and I know there are so many people around the world that would love to learn how to play Imagine on the guitar. So here ya go!!
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  1. Hi Carl, your version is more complicated, but more fun to play.I really enjoy it

  2. I can't get my damn b string to ring on the f major barre. Every other string works damnit.

  3. hey carl I have a question what acoustic strings do you use itll help thank you

  4. Michael Melendres

    excellent teacher

  5. Guns n Roses mexico 1993 anyone?

  6. Christopher Michos

    hey man!! Can you please do the jack Johnson version tutorial it sounds astonishing and I'd love for you to create a lesson!!

  7. Hello Carl.
    can you please show us how to play the eva cassidy guitar arrangement for somewhere over the rainbow.
    i love your teaching. ive gotten so much better at my playing since learning from your lessons. Thankyou

  8. Thanks a lot! <3

  9. what kind of guitar?

  10. Ngobi Nicholas Arshley Arshley

    Thank you so much, I found your stuff helpful and I will encourage ma friends to check you up. I need you to clarify more on how to pick.

  11. is there not a second video for the verse?!?!?

  12. 118 people have Ebola

  13. wow, very kindly Lesson. 🙂 !!  thank you so much!

  14. which steel string guitar are you using in this video Carl?

  15. Oh and forgot to say THANK YOU carl x

  16. Always gonna get some muppet putting someone down but that only proves their own insecurities so their words are not worth a second thought.some people become teachers only because they're qualified n thats it,some become the BEST teachers cos they're qualified but also because they ARE GREAT TEACHERS and you are just that.i have great admiration for you n how you put your talent across.WELL DONE YOU keep up the GREAT work x

  17. Do you use 2 different cameras to do the picture in picture?

  18. anyone have the full guitar playthrough for reference?

  19. I want to thank you for this video I'm not very good at finger picking this is a nice slow song to start with and you do it step by step which I like. Thank you!

  20. Excellent lesson Carl. Really helpful. Thank you.

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