Imagine by John Lennon acoustic guitar lesson

Imagine by John Lennon acoustic guitar lesson. Step by step easy to follow lesson. Loads more lessons on my channel!

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  1. it's giving me chills (merry Christmas)

  2. Hello Lee John! I was wondering, would you consider making a tutorial on the "chucking" sound?
    I noticed that you make that sound without moving your right hand, i've always been wondering how do you do it.. I think a tutorial like that would help a lot of people.

  3. you're one of my favorite channels and would my #1 if you did the classic Don't Think Twice It's Alright by Bob Dylan. Thanks again!

  4. You should do a tutorial on shape of my heart by sting! I tried looking through your videos to find if you made it but maybe I missed it?? Let me know plz

  5. Could you do take me home country roads?

  6. Much better than the Vinh bui version

  7. the money bros money

    Do one of wagon wheel by Darius Rucker
    Like if you agree if u don't know search it up

  8. Thanks

  9. Back in black please

  10. Awesome, best lessons on YT 😀

  11. Henny van Eijndhoven

    Thanks for the lesson, Lee John 🙂

  12. Please and justice for or helter skwelter OR dragula by rob zombie

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