Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Guitar Chords & Guitar Melody Lesson) by Shawn Parrotte

Today I’m gonna show you how to play all the guitar parts to the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I transcribed the main melodies of the two guitars panned left and right and of course the chords that play throughout the song. Enjoy!


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  1. As a newbie I will ask a dumb question, how many strings is he using to play the song?

  2. what is the strumming pattern??

  3. try Am,C,G,D =D

  4. am c g d is more easier

  5. Thank you so much for getting me off to an nice start!

  6. I just found this song!  OMG it's beautiful.  Not the lyrics so much just the notes.  A chill runs up and down my spine!

  7. Campbell Thomas

    Nice Vid, thanks for the tip, btw the piece played from the right ear is also from a Bastille song, don't know which one, but it has that same piece

  8. Bm is pretty hard to play , u can play Am,C,G,D with strumming pattern down down down down up its much easier 

  9. Thanks bro

  10. Thank you :)

  11. I get it but how do you play the fingerstyle picking version because everybody on youtube only teach you only how to play the strumming version

  12. oooh ooh, i just watched the imagine dragon live acoustic version and the lead singer is playing Am,  C , G, D pretty freakin easy! thanks for the video

  13. Jesús González García

    You could explain the intro that imagine dragons plays in it concerts. Than for your guitar lesson about this amazing songg

  14. Steven Woolley

    I used to have that same guitar when I was a kid.

  15. Hey! Great vid 🙂
    Just one thing: I didn't quite get the strumming during the chords… how is it?

  16. Somebody get this man a beer

  17. TheGuyFromHolland1

    Thanks for the awesome lesson, you rock dude

  18. marinus nortje

    did you just come back from a jog? never the less great tut bud :P

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