Imagine Dragons – Zero – Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Songs

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Hey guys, Marty here with a new song lesson, this time for a very current song, it’s Imagine Dragons “Zero” and it’s made up of super easy chords. Hope you have fun!

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! Also I have a ton of Free and helpful courses at my site

  2. Hey Marty, I know it's a bit of a toughie, but could you attempt the Russian National Anthem?
    I've seen God Save the Queen and Star Spangled Banner before, but never the Russian national anthem as a tutorial.

  3. Hey, Marty, thanks again for all of your videos. Could you show us how to play Vermillion Pt.2 by Slipknot? I'd like to play it, but it's got me a little stumped. Thanks!!

  4. Could you teach how to play "The Sentinel" by Judas Priest please

  5. What's the best song to start with as beginner?

  6. Marty will you do a tutorial on Shallow, by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper?

  7. Breyer and Schleich Dreams


  8. Do never let you go by third eye blind!

  9. marty please can you do razor edge acdc thanks

  10. Like!
    Imagine Dragons – Zero (Piano Cover)

  11. Please do Livin La Vida Loca

  12. May the Schwartz be with you, and happy learning!


    Hey Marty, your lessons are very well made and easy to learn from, you're the only online guitar teacher I ever go to to learn a new song and I have a song suggestion as I can't seem to find it on any of your channels, can you do Pulling Teeth by Green Day? And thanks again for all that you've taught me over the years.

  14. Hey Marty! How about some Smashing Pumpkins??

  15. You MUST do a top 5 nirvana solos. I didnt find a video like that in youtube

  16. Do redundant by Green Day, please.

  17. can you tell me what strings you used to play zombie cranberries?

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