Improvising Rhythm Ideas For Guitar – Using the CAGED System – Rhythm Guitar Lesson – EP343

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn several tips for how to improvise when playing rhythm guitar – Using triads, harmonized 3rds, and the CAGED System.

To view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam tracks for this guitar lesson, visit


  1. I love your guitar, which guitar is this? Pl reply.

  2. This is going to be a great lesson for my Gretsch Electromatic guitar! By the way Brain….would be great if you could do a rockabilly lesson!

  3. Wow excellent … what guitar is that?

  4. Christopher Wright

    A fantastic lesson not every one realizes you don't use all the strings a lot of the time to form a chord you can just use a part of the chord or Partials as i call them . You have to know your "Partials" and identify them this is real guitar playing .

  5. great lesson Brian. I always learn a lot. Have you ever tried the clawhammer banjo approach for rhythm guitar?

  6. Your lessons are absolutely amazing! The problem with my golf swing is that I have 16 swing thoughts in my head. You give me so many "if you take just one thing" ideas, that now my guitar head is as cluttered as my golf head! Love how you explain things!

  7. Brian your teaching as always is awsome as is your playing!!Thanks!
    P.S. To all please look into becoming a premium member,super cheap ,great great value!!

  8. You made spill my sake.

  9. Zac brown band based song aint it

  10. Em is G6…That's a big help for me. I knew Em was relative minor of G, but I'd never thought about the 6th mode (minor) as being the "6th" of the chord. Seems obvious now, but it never "clicked". Thanks!

  11. Great stuff! Thanks.

  12. Great pieces every week coming up..
    Thank you ✌️ ..

  13. Brian , thank you, for being so thorough, appreciate you so much!

  14. Very nice as usual..some of it reminded me of a few tunes…can't think what tho'..

  15. What guitar is that? Love that sound.

  16. That's a cool upbeat sound you've put together this week.The Guitar you are playing is something I would love.Can you Please tell me its name.

  17. AMAZING 10x !!!!!!!!

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