GUITAR LESSON on IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD – Chord Melody style. Note for note tutorial. TABS & Backing Track available.

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In A Sentimental Mood is one of the best know jazz ballads, composed by Duke Ellington. It’s one

of the top 50 Jazz Standards every jazz guitarist should have in their repertoire. It’s a

pleasure to present you my guitar tutorial on this amazing jazz standard.

In this jazz guitar lesson I teach you my chord melody arrangement of this great jazz ballad. I

transposed In A Sentimental Mood to the key of G /Em, in order to take advantage of the open E

and A strings. My chord melody arrangement sounds quiet mellow and dark in the A section, while I

transposed the B section up one octave to brighten things up a bit.

I teach you all the In A Sentimental Mood guitar chords needed for the general song and weave the

melody in between or on top of the chords. This is called chord melody playin or a guitar

instrumental. There are great sounding jazz guitar chords and voicings in this song.
I’ve arranged this jazz guitar tutorial for intermediate players. It is suitable for the ambitios

beginner as well as intermediate guitar players.
The advantage of a jazz guitar ballad is always the slow tempo, so you have plenty of time in

between to recall the next chord.

While my chord melody arrangement of In A Sentimental Mood is not too hard to play it doesn’t

sound bland either.

I explain every step of what I do. I show every fingering of the chord melody song.

I’ve also made the In A Sentimental Mood TABS for you to download and study. There is also a

Guitar Pro version, so you can buy the PDF guitar tab or the Guitar Pro file tabs.
I also made a backing track, so you can start practicing In A Sentimental Mood right away.

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  1. Thank you very much!

  2. Thanks Sandra, I'm really getting into chord melody now and learning new songs thanks to your lessons. Apologies if you have already answered this, what string gauge and action height do you prefer.

  3. Sir Pickles Presents

    Always wonderful to watch. There's something about the way you teach which leaves you wanting more.

  4. I'd love to take an online jazz course do you have a series somewhere? Your YouTube videos are amazing, but I can't see them ordered lesson by lesson.

  5. STILL ENJOYING YOUR GUITAR JAZZ.fab…love to hear jazz song All about the Bass.I'm getting hours of enjoyment learning all your videos Please continue and have a nice day.Cheers

  6. Hi Sandra, a great & smooth arrangement of this great standard you have made!! A pleasure and fun way to learn this one!! Cheers,Ron

  7. Thanks soooo much

  8. A beautiful piece Sandra

  9. Gran standard y como siempre formidable lecci├│n. Muchas gracias Sandra!!

  10. Hi Sandra thanks so much great !!

  11. Beutiful arrangment of one of my favorite tunes. Thanks so much for this lesson. You are an excellent teacher.

  12. camp parson's sunday school

    Another take by the late Emily Remler.

  13. Hi Sandra, that was a beautiful piece of music, thank you.
    please may I ask your advice, would you recommend 'flat wound' strings for my semi-hollow guitar for a better jazz sound?

  14. Thanks as always!  Sounds lovely.  Time to get these old fingers limbered up!

  15. Thanks for the lesson. Great and easy as always.

  16. This is another treasure! I'm still working on the Misty you arranged and can't wait to start learning the other arrangements you provide on your channel! Thanks so much Sandra!

  17. OMG, what a beautiful song. How come I'Ve never heard of it? i really must learn what the important standards are.

  18. Das ist so ein sch├Âner Song!!!

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