In Case You Didn’t Know | Brett Young | Beginner Guitar Lesson
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Use Matt’s 4 easy chords (G, C, D, Em) to play this great hit by Brett Young “In Case You Didn’t Know”
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God bless!


  1. Matt could learn a song for me. My mom is dying of cancer and I had learn this song called jealous of the Angels by Donna taggart

  2. Learned it easily thanks man

  3. How do you remember all those words?

  4. Wow I just discoved you. You are awesome.

  5. Thanks Matt for sharing this song, it is one of our favorites ( my girlfriend Renetta & Myself ) !Love your style, keep 'em coming!

  6. Do you strum up at all in this song it sounds like you do.

  7. Is there bar chords for this?

  8. Matt thank you for all of the videos. You are the only one who teaches guitar that I can relate to and actually learn the guitar. God bless you brother. Keep spreading the Word and the love.

  9. I love this song . I can’t wait to try this tomorrow .

  10. Been a big help! Thanks!

  11. I can't for the life of me figure out how to strum to get the right rhythm. Do you have any advice? I would like to play this for the campfire this weekend.

    Thanks so much!

  12. Great lesson Matt and god bless.

  13. Love that strum-drumming analogy…makes perfect sense. Also helps to "feel" the song without overthinking it.

  14. This video is perfect for where I am. Rythm building. Looking for more easy songs love this video…

  15. The phone call reaction is classic

  16. This is my first time playing a song strumming more than one string at a time and it struggling but your videos help a lot I just wish you would show your finger placement because I get a little confused

  17. Great advise right here. Great lesson!

  18. Great teacher thank you man the best hands down and the board helps out a lot and u work through it slowly and u cap it out before u go on thanks again

  19. theres also an a minor your missing.

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