In the End by Linkin Park Acoustic Guitar Lesson in Fingerstyle

In the End by Linkin Park Acoustic Guitar Lesson in Fingerstyle

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  1. How do you record your guitar?

  2. PLEAAAAASE MEN can u could do a tutorial of this song? "gold to glass
    the revivalists" I really really appreciate and its really cool! thanks!

  3. One of my faves 🙂 Nice! Guys, if you can help me reach my YouTube goal of 1500 subscribers I'd truly appreciate it. Check out my vids, comment and subscribe and I'll do the same! Hit me up in my latest vid when you've subbed. Thanks!

  4. hey Marco! please do a guitar tutorial of Counting Stars..

  5. Trevor Rawlinson

    Brilliant thank you

  6. Hi Marco, I love your channel man! Is there any way you could make a tutorial about the Game of Thrones theme. Its a great finger-style melody.

  7. Can you please do one more light or crawling

  8. Please a tutorial for broken strings by james Morrison

  9. u got a great smile mufuka

  10. Can you do some old school RnB tracks, i love the way you turn it into fingerstyle you're like a guitar translating machine

  11. I wanna buy you a cerveza, can you play chop suey by SOAD and candy shop by 50 cent

  12. Lele Official Music


  13. pls do numb

  14. A brilliant lesson and a fitting tribute.

  15. A time for us "Romeo and Juliet" (1968) Please make a tutorial some day.

  16. Leave out all the rest plz for chester

  17. Bro plz full song tutorial

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