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In this guitar lesson, we’ll learn how to play Drive by Incubus, the chords, strumming and grooves for this mega-popular acoustic hit. Most accurate tutorial on the web.

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  2. Please! How to play (Extreme – Am i ever gonna change)? I'm Brazilian, thank you.

  3. Would you be able to do a lesson on "Sick Sad Little World" by Incubus? It's a really powerful song for the guitar imo

  4. I’ve never seen that t-shirt before. Exactly what does it say and where’d you get it?
    Wish I’d had a teacher like you in my youth!

  5. Awesome! One of my favorite Incubus songs.

  6. A great Ebook for christmas present! Helps you figure out that NEXT CHORD of a chord progression when you are stuck! AWESOME!

  7. Great lesson as always………….even better t-shirt!

  8. Gahhh these chords are a struggle but i'll get there at some point! haha
    Love this song, great tutorial! 🙂

    Watched loads of different tutorials on this one and this is by far the best one imo 🙂 Thanks Justin!

  9. Noah Brookskavizch

    Greetings from Chicago!
    Wonderful video, first good tutorial I’ve really seen!
    Thanks so much for all the videos you do. They really are quite helpful and relevant. I’m loving all the John Mayer you have been doing lately. I wonder if you know how to play “Neon” by John Mayer??
    Anyways, have a wonderful holiday season!!

  10. Solsbury Hill

  11. Man you are the best

  12. Please please please do For Annabelle by band of horses. They are one of the most beautiful bands

  13. Manaruchi Mohapatra

    Thanks a lot Justin…U r amazing

  14. Hi Justin, great lesson, I've wanted to learn this for ages, thank you so much!
    I recently checked out John Mayers new album and I really loved In the Blood, I'd be absolutely thrilled if you could make a tutorial for that! I really appreciate all your hard work and hope you and your family have a lovely christmas. 🙂

  15. How many guitars should you own? One from every brand…

  16. Hey Justin, I have a question here please. Why did you remove pickguard?

  17. Never heard of them Justin….what happened to pick guard?

  18. Awesome video my friend, I love incubus. Thanks for posting this!
    Can you add a video on how to play warning by incubus?

  19. Great lesson! Next up, now let's do Pardon Me the acoustic version!

  20. Thank you soo much, mate! Love that song, and could never figure it out right… you‘re the best!

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