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  1. I am very boring

    Indie boys: heavy breathing

  2. Beautiful keep it up I hope you and your family is okay

  3. Damn man Jazzmaster has always been my fav but it’s too expensive here in my country (sucks)

  4. Really useful video, thanks

  5. hi! you know which guitar is yours? i really would like to buy an indie guitar 🙂 (you're amazing)

  6. The Lone Palms

    Great video!

  7. Rizki McCharmly

    12:51 gweh no koak

  8. Rizki McCharmly

    mantap boss

  9. Did i miss something? Since when was this kind of music called indie?

  10. nicos cabaltera

    I learned alot from youu djence!!! In one video youre the best

  11. nicos cabaltera

    You're the best djence

  12. Bro ive been playing for 2 days what am I thinking by coming here

  13. 3 empty bottles of beer, suncream and a kettle

  14. I will rewatch this after one week and hope to understand more of what he said hahahah

  15. Are u dutch lol

  16. This is excellent, thank you man.

  17. Just being honest, you’re my favorite YouTuber! Thanks for showing me some really useful things.

  18. swoon, when the first thing that comes up when searching "indie guitar" is Djence

  19. dude I watch all your tutorial videos during this quarantine period.

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