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I went to the Experience PRS event a couple weeks back and it was AWESOME!

I performed, taught and took a couple factory tours.

Paul is genuinely obsessed and in love with making guitars and amps. It comes across in his products. He’s been at it for over three decades and his products are better than ever. I’m honored to be involved with PRS.

The master class is now close to 1000 videos and 100 hours of content.

Tim Pierce
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  1. Awesome Tim!

  2. Fire Marshal Bill

    The tone of that Peruvian mahogany was MAGIC.

  3. This is more than cool, Tim! Thanks for taking us with you! Must have been a crazy experience!!

  4. Hey Tim!!! You're one of my favorite players and one of my biggest inspirations for playing guitar!! I watch pretty much all of your videos!! It would be an honor if you subscribed to my channel where I post classic rock cover songs and solos!!! Please let me know what you think if you stop by!! Keep doing what you do, you're the best! -Jose

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