Intermediate Electric Guitar Lesson Techniques – For Intermediate Guitar Players

Here’s a guitar lesson aimed at the intermediate player (whatever that means). I cover off string bending techniques, chord techniques, and picking styles.

For picking, I set you on the basics of alternate picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, economy picking, and sweep picking.

The gear used in the video is:

Fender Blues Deluxe Amp
Fender American Standard Strat
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Wampler Euphoria Drive
MXR Carbon Copy Delay Pedal

Here are some links:

Guitar Chords –

Sweep Picking –

Mastering The Fretboard –

Hybrid Picking –


  1. I'm an old dog learning new tricks , love the lesson .

  2. Hi Simon! Listen, you are pretty amazing at teaching and I love your accent, why don't we arrange a Skype lesson? Thank You!

  3. Another great tutorial Simon, thanks. Can you teach how to play pinch harmonics? I am not able to. Do you think is it for a intermediate player?

  4. Thanks again Simon. Love ur lessons, keep 'em coming

  5. please do a lesson on how to play The Hunter by Slaves

  6. Hi, I learned a lot watching your video, thanks to you, I want to learn the song Mayhem – Psyshar)

  7. Perfect! Cheers Simon!

  8. Intermediate Guitar Technique Lesson
    #GuitarLesson #GuitarPlayer #Guitarist

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