Intro To The Bass Guitar for Beginners Tutorial with Mike Brandenstein (Jellynote Lesson)

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Hey guys! Here is a little introduction to the amazing instrument that is the bass guitar.

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  1. Thanks, thumbs up and subscribed 🙂

  2. 3:33 lol I’m ambidextrous lol so I can hold it with both Hans

  3. I have a black version of that bass lol

  4. 4:38 very funny

  5. I wanted to add something that may be important.There was one thing I wish someone would have pointed out to me in 1966. Sitting down the new bass players want to bend their head over the neck to see the fret marks, also they would lean the bass guitar back. This way they have a hard time to finger the 4 string (E).
    You learn to play sitting down. When you play standing up. It's a whole different thing. No one ever tells not to look at the frets, but they should look at the round marks on the top of the neck. I never hear anyone talk about that. The new guys think the good bass players are great! (They are) cause they know where there at on the neck at all times. Yea, they are looking at the dots on the top of the neck, They don't have ESP. I can't understand why the companies keep marking the frets on the front of the necks. Is that for the crowd watching?
    You new guys if you want to play in the bedroom or your garage keep learning the tabs. That's ok to learn a lick and show your friends. Be the best, learn to read real music bass clef. When you learn that way you have to look at the music sheet. Fingering the frets comes with it, just by the feel. Then your a real bass player. Nothing makes me crazy to here a bass player on youtube tell a new bass player. Go to the second string and 2nd fret to play a note. Why the hell don't they say the name of the note. too Hell, it's a E

    I'm not putting this man down. He did a great start lesson, and he will have more.

    This is just a tip for you guy's

  6. Thanks dude, trying to learn bass and this channel has really helped me get started

  7. Great ! Thanks !

  8. Thanks for the Video, keep it up!

  9. amazing

  10. I wonder if anyone has looked up the word Bace. It is an old english word for striking with the fingers. Why do we call it a Bass. I'm Officially claiming Bace. Bace Jones.

  11. The coolest instrument in the world? I agree! Bass Guitar Forever! <3

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