Introduction to Improvisation: Connecting Chords Using Scales – Bass Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson, electric and upright bassist Jared Plane continues with his “Introduction to Improvisation” series of videos. In this video he discusses ways to improvise by connecting chords together using scales and modes.

What separates good players, from truly greater players is the ability to not just play the changes, but to play ‘through’ them. Many early improvisers get into the (undesirable) habit of playing a line over a chord, then waiting for the chord to change before playing the next. This lesson will help the improviser to drop this bad habit, and to develop a sense of continuity and forward motion in their lines.

All videos from the “Introduction to Improvisation” series can be viewed for free on this channel!
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  3. Great lesson!

  4. Grat lesson!!! Just what im looking for. Thanks from Argentina!!

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