Iron Man Guitar Lesson – Black Sabbath – Ozzy – How to Play on Guitar – Rock

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  1. You're doing the main riff on the A and D strings, others do it on the E and A strings. Is one of these methods more "correct" than the other?

  2. JerbodyMcHarvey

    pssst Marty! you should make a video on the solos my dude

  3. When I try to play the part where you slide your fingers back and forth from 10 to 9, the sound instantly stops as I am sliding the string. What am I doing wrong

  4. I need that guitar! I have been playing since I was 6 (I'm 12) and I still have the same piece of crap beginner guitar. I have been watching you since I first started playing and I love your vid's they are so helpful and there are no others like them. You are my absolute idol. without you I wouldn't be able to play half of the songs I know and I take private lessons so that's saying something. If anyone would like to give me a guitar then please let me know. lol. please like so Marty can see. I really want him to know how much of a difference he makes in other peoples lives. (; thanks so much without you I would have given up on guitar and for stopping me from doing that you are my absolute hero. -Brendan Gordon

  5. The Land Doctors

    Marty, you are the best guitar teacher in the world! Love your videos!!!

  6. Did… you just tell me to eat a dick?

  7. Awesome!!!!

  8. 1:47 wtf was that

  9. you man are a LEGEND. Thank you so much.

  10. which drop ?

  11. Oliisawesome right now

    Such a great classic!

  12. That guitar is so fresh! btw love your vids marty keep it up bro!

  13. so cool thanks a lot

  14. fucking AWESOME

  15. It took me about 20 mins to get the "bluesy riff" while after 2 weeks i still cant get the riff from the 9th to the 11 fret…

  16. Do you strum all 6 strings when you play the power chord? The way I learned it before was that you only play the 2 strings that are involved in the power chord. Am I doing it wrong?

  17. TY for this video, I'm just getting back into guitar looking for classic and awesome guitar riffs and this was just what i needed!!!

  18. I'm a sax player… This guy is the mrselfridge of the guitar world!

  19. LadyAC/DCAngus Young Fan1998

    Hey can you do a version of Black Sabbath's title song "Black Sabbath"?

  20. Can you make a lesson on one by Metallica just the beginning

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