Is There Anybody Out There Guitar Lesson & Performance – Pink Floyd

*If you are trying to view this from any U.S. territory or others Youtube may have it blocked. I’m very sorry for this and I hope it changes soon…

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In this video guitar lesson you will learn the haunting acoustic guitar instrumental “Is There Anybody Out There” by Pink Floyd. It is a rather simple song with no barre chords and simple fingerpicking patterns. However, there are a couple licks thrown in there that might pose a slight challenge to some players.

In any case, I think all players can benefit from trying to learn this instrumental masterpiece from The Wall album. It is just a nice tune to relax to.

If you don’t feel like playing it fingerstyle and would rather use a pick it is totally doable that way as well. The only thing you need to focus on when picking the tune is to make sure every single pick stroke is in the direction of the next string you will pick. If you follow that rule the picking can sound very smooth with this tune.

Anyway, enough of my talking, I hope you guys enjoy the song. Cheers! Carl..
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    Why didn't you played the first part after you explained the picking?

  2. I remember my dad playing this for me, and my brother when we had to go to sleep. Sitting on the bed in my brothers room, and playing the guitar. I get emotional every time i hear it. I love you dad.

  3. 0:23 sounds a bit like the theme from infinity war lol

  4. Man! Thank you very much. Now fingerstyle practice will be much tasty =)

  5. with the a minor chord i suggest swapping your index and middle fingers just so you can easily just slide the middle finger one fret across wihtout letting go of the g string, just my way of playing it : )

  6. Now this is my reason to practice an hour every day until I learn enough to qualify for this

  7. The #Chord #Tonality of this song is such fertile grounds for rock music. Nothing like the classic clean chord progressions
    being picked at you at such dynamic rhythm. Grounded in early #FolkMusic #CelticMusic #PinkFloydTheWall #PinkFloyd #ClassicalGuitar

  8. Best one on YouTube. Note for note correct.

  9. Great GREAT lesson, !! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  10. can  you please do a in depth tutorial for poles apart solo division bell  a great solo  there is currently two on u tube but they are not very good   please   u r a great pf teacher

  11. i came out here searchin for the song….surprised

  12. Anyone else here from watching one piece

  13. I've been playing that bit between 1:08 and 1:11 wrong for 14 years..

  14. Wow just great

  15. Great lesson, took me a while to get it going but it worked in the end. 10/10!

  16. Ottimo tutorial … grazie…

  17. memo for myselft : 7.51

  18. Learning from Carl in all his magical lessons I have now learned advanced playing and can now play Asturias. I can't thank you enough Carl. Thanks Carl.

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