"Isn't She Lovely" – Stevie Wonder – #learnthesong Guitar Lesson / Tutorial

"Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder - #learnthesong Guitar Lesson / Tutorial

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“Isn’t She Lovely” – Stevie Wonder​. Awesome song, great example of secondary dominants, and a KILLER melody!
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  1. Fleezus Christ

    Ur the mvp man

  2. Absolutely brilliant. This is a great example of how to deconstruct a keyboard heavy R&B song and rebuild it for guitar. Thanks very much. How about Sir Duke next?!

  3. great explanation i love your tempo there is so many beginner tutorials really slow and not much for a little advanced players

  4. Ben Hutchinson

    Brilliant lesson, well paced! Great harmony explanation, I wish more lessons were like this.

  5. Wish you knew how to speak in beginner

  6. Great playing and guitar sounds great too. Good lesson. Helped me me out loads, I've been struggling to pick out the right chords and that killer lick at the end. Thanks again.

  7. I wish you had a chart for this song…

  8. Alessandra Small

    Thanks! You rock man!!

  9. Back Once Again

    This was a great lesson. It's not a beginners' lessons, but I don't think this song is a beginners' song either. You can easily work out the chords he's calling out if you know a bit of theory, copy his hand shapes, and most importantly, use you damn ears! 😀

  10. Lorena Toledo Alva


  11. Esteban Muñoz

    This is a great lesson, but far from be a tutorial.

  12. Julie Starling

    Great lesson! I just subscribed!
    I heard this song on the radio on the way home today and went, "Hey! That solo would sound great on guitar!" Your lesson is the first I found and watched. I quickly picked out the song on the piano with your guidance, so now I can play around with it on the guitar. I liked that you laid out the chords and then presented some different fingerings for them. I'll go back through them slower later. Cheers!

  13. Cool …but why say C minor not C#minor? Sixth degree of E?

  14. Freddy Macha- Music

    ' its all about E major…"
    This is how music teachers should be explaining. Character of songs. Root key. Resolution. Why changes occur n how. Well done buddy. U make me love jazz more and hands up for Mr S Wonder… Wonderfull


    Show us your tabs or show exactly where you put your fretting fingers

  16. Partiu Tutoriais

    Muito Bom !
    Parabéns !

  17. Great lesson! Congrats!

  18. As others have mentioned, this would be great with the chord charts — specifically since you're recommending a few variations of each chord. A player that has the knowledge to follow this video, is likely too skilled to need it. Even after looking up all the voicings its hard to follow.

  19. David guitar madman

    What a great lesson! Thanks alot!

  20. PronunciationLesson

    how do you transpose 2 keys lower.

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