EDIT: If it’s too difficult to follow, I recommend pausing and rewinding section by section and using as big a screen as possible!

This is how I played it on AI in 2018!
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  1. Tobin's SpiritGuide

    I like this but prefer it in the original key. I can't reach those notes anymore and this planet has a finite amount of helium.

  2. damn.. the background of the video in the thumbnail is like a painting… beautiful

  3. E flat 7th sharp 9 that’s what it’s called

  4. Kenn Official l mobile legends

    Hi can you please make a beginners lesson? Thanks i just staryed playing the guitar 1 month ago and i liked your version that i watched on American idol thanks for inspiring me to play the guitar harder God bless man 🙂

  5. Your so good! Love your voice, and fantastic guitar playing buddy.

  6. this guy should blow up with his talent…now we're left with some dumb mumble rapping untalented people in this industry

  7. This is the very basis of this song, what is there advanced?

  8. Schubert Royce Broces


  9. Add the tabs please. Or atleast make the camera closer to the guitar

  10. Do you think you can make tabs for this? It can even be as a youtube comment?.

  11. Hi David watching from Philippines.
    I saw you from American Idol audition.
    your story is so inspiring.
    God bless u.

  12. This tutorial is confusing for begginers.

  13. Freddy Macha- Music

    Good teachin. No messing about. Humble. To the point. Natural. Esp whn you let the error at the beginnin b there without doin another take…

  14. will you make some lessons for singing?

  15. We all call it the Hendrix chord lol! Technically, it's called E7#9. Your pinky frets G, the sharp 9 – the 9th major scale note sharpened.
    Count up to G…
    E F# G# A B C# D# E F# G
    …and that's 10!
    So G is the extra note when the 9th in the major scale (F#) is sharpened.
    I know that's TMI and I wish I could play like you! !

  16. when i see you i click like

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