J.J. Cale Style Guitar Lesson – Simple Blues Guitar Lesson – EP103

To download the MP3 Jam track, tablature, on-screen tab, and for the extra videos in this guitar lesson (including the video that shows you how to play the rhythm), visit http://www.activemelody.com/lessons/free_lesson_content/j.j.-cale-style-simple-blues-guitar-lesson-ep103

J.J. Cale had a very unique / laid-back style of playing blues guitar, typically with his fingers (no pick). This guitar lesson will showcase several of J.J. Cale’s signature licks and is a perfect lesson to learn to play as a beginner. This works on either an acoustic or electric guitar.
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  1. Interested to know what you use to create the backing track. Is it originally a live rhythm section?

  2. Vous parlez trop, ça saoul, c'est dommage.

  3. Thanks for this video.. simple but efficient !

  4. he's dead? that's sad A great example of simple,but super effective electric playing Super blue,my fav RIP No more blues in heaven Just pure joy in jesus' company God bless him What will clapton do now?

  5. Nice timing, JJ ;-)

  6. Thanks Brian…loved it dude

  7. JJ's style was so beautiful

  8. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    "Call Me The Breeze" & "Crazy Mama" are both done with capo on 2nd fret…and the same key of E POSITIONS…just sayin'. Thanks Brian.

  9. Tasty!

  10. Brought a smile to my face, Brian. Nice one!

  11. Nice! Smooth.  JJ Cale, a good choice.  Thanks for the lesson!

  12. Am gonna send u personal email man!damn it!

  13. This was a cool lesson. Sometimes it's more difficult to play something simple. I love JJ Cale. Thanks for the lesson.

  14. I love this lesson. I play Tele and have been looking a tone similar to Cale's with a Tele, so thank you! May I ask what are you amp settings besides the pedals? 

  15. Where can we make suggestions? Doing a Gary Clark Jr lesson would be quite the treat! :)

  16. Please, i wan't the name of that song ! 

  17. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    Hey Brian, this is just another way JJ Cale played some tunes…I play Call Me The Breeze with capo on 2nd fret in key of E POSITIONS…same for Crazy Mama, almost the same chord progressions with capo on 2nd fret. Clyde is another awesome song, which is rather easy to play. JJ Cale rocks (R.I.P.) Sorry for blabbing and thanks much Brian.

  18. Hi, Brian…this one makes me smile!  Nicely done.  I'll be checking out both videos AND downloading this one!  Thanx!

  19. great lesson as always I look forward to every Friday lesson thanks.

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