J.S. Bach – Prelude In E Major Guitar Lesson – Pt.1

J.S. Bach - Prelude In E Major Guitar Lesson - Pt.1

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This free video guitar lesson from GuitarLessons365.com will teach you how to play the complete “Prelude In E Major” by J.S. Bach for solo pickstyle guitar.

You can find a TAB PDF download along with all of the free video guitar lessons for this Bach piece at the following the following link: http://www.guitarlessons365.com/song-lessons/j-s-bach-prelude-in-e-major-video-guitar-lessons/

This Bach piece is extremely challenging. Be sure to watch the Introduction and Performance video for a full performance of the entire piece of music. It is an incredible picking workout that with definitely take your playing to a new level.

Take your time and memorize the music throughout before trying to ramp up the speed. This piece sounds great at slower tempos as well. The techniques required will be alternate picking, chordal picking, economy picking, large stretches and much more so it is a great piece to get your hands around and a great show stopper as well. 🙂

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Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown


  1. Good stuff. Thanks a billion.

  2. lesson begins at 1:19 or so…..

  3. Great lesson. I don’t understand why so many people complain. I’s a free YouTube lesson

  4. Dude you're the man, seriously. I've been watching for your videos for maybe a month now and have utilized close to about a dozen lessons. This is a complicated piece and you explained it in such an elementary manner. Having your video on with my sheet music(don't use tabs much) allows me to learn a piece in hours and sometimes just a few minutes. Thanks so much man

  5. Hey Carl! Awesome stuff. I learned the whole thing and posted a video of
    it; I put a link in the description to your website where all the tabs
    and videos are, I hope you don't mind. Thanks a lot.

  6. Yeah can you just play through it before hand for some sort of reference. This is incredibly inconvenient.

  7. Thank you very much! I am learning this on classical guitar. It makes me happy when I find guitar lessons by you.They are the best

  8. The link to the tab does not work. Great video though 🙂

  9. can u giv me the link that can download the tab?pls

  10. hahaha.. how bout the well tempered clavier book 1

  11. I have been teaching the Bach violin solos too my electric guitar students for 20 years.

  12. can you make JB Bouree E Minor please…??

  13. please play the lesson at speed , so we have something to refer to for timing as we learn the song

    thank you

  14. A violine is tuned in 5th!   – guitars in 4th, so the violine players can play faster I guess.

  15. Thanks a lot!!!!!

  16. Actually, violinists can sound all four strings at once. It is much more difficult than on the guitar but then everything about the violin is difficult.

  17. i never give comments but ive learnt alot from your videos so id just like to say thanks so much 😀 this is a wonderful piece and you have taught it really well but i agree that in part i wanted to move on to the next part but you where explaining the picking which is fair enough but with the more complicated pieces like this one people who are capable of playing them find their own way of doing things, (just so you can save time in future videos :D) ps. your awesome!

  18. Why not just play Lute suite 4? Same as the violin suite but transcribed by Bach himself.

  19. hay guys can u plz do lesson on air on g by bach? plz vote up!

  20. @slovan Hey thanks for watching. The pickups are a Dimarzio Fast Track 2, Pro Track and Chopper. 🙂

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