Jack And Diane Acoustic Guitar Lesson (Correct Chords & Tab)

Jack And Diane Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Download the free lesson PDF – tabs/chords here:

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LIVE LESSON: Discover These Awesome Chords To Jack & Dianne

Jack and Diane. A truly classic number that you should definitely learn. Let’s forget about all the amazing chord lessons you are going to learn in Jack and Diane for a second. We’ll talk about them later. Just learning the song is a very rewarding experience. It’s such a well known classic, you can get all your friends and family playing along.

Now let’s talk about the amazing lessons inside of Jack and Diane. There are some chords that first starting hitting the scene around the 1970’s. They come from a D chord originally. You re finger a D chord and add an extra note. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin rocked this version of the D chord all the time! The hook of Jack and Diane is based around that chord.

Just by learning Jack and Diane, you’re also going to get the chords to Alright Now by Free. This is the beauty of guitar chords. Since we only have 4 fingers to use, there are only so many shapes to get down. You only have to learn a chord once, and it’ll show up again in another song!!

2:50 Lesson Start
6:20 Alright Now
14:38 Jack and Diane Intro
19:34 Jack and Diane Verse

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  1. Campfire Guitar Star

    Download the tabs for LIVE LESSON: Discover These Awesome Chords To Jack & Dianne
    here: https://willripley.lpages.co/live-lesson-discover-these-awesome-chords-to-jack-dianne/

  2. Campfire Guitar Star

    Here’s the topics we covered in today’s lesson:LIVE LESSON: Discover These Awesome Chords To Jack & Dianne
    2:50 Lesson Start
    6:20 Alright Now
    14:38 Jack and Diane Intro
    19:34 Jack and Diane Verse

  3. I never thought I’d be able to play this a while ago but knowing that there are ‘new’ ways to play chords makes it really cool. Nice one Will!

  4. Alabama air guitar im at the jym

  5. I am FM India and I am playing yameha f3 10

  6. Las Vegas Nevada and I play an Ovation Celebrity

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