Jack & Diane John Mellencamp Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’m showing you how to play a little diddy ’bout Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp! I’ll teach you the chords and the chord shapes for the progressions throughout the song. Go get your acoustic guitars and let’s get to playing!

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  2. Hey Marty, I’m glad that you did a lesson for this song because I like a lot of music by John Mellencamp!There’s also another song by him that I really like called “Hurts So Good” and I’m hoping that you’ll maybe consider doing a lesson for that one as well. Do you think that’s likely?

  3. Jesus that finish is too gorgeous

  4. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    12 guitar phenoms can apparently play it better Marty…lol Nice lesson, thanks.

  5. Hey Marty! I’m a huge fan of John cougars music especially his older stuff. I’ve tried to figure out jack and Diane but never was satisfied. This lesson was fantastic. Dude, you’re awesome and I appreciate you doing what you do for old guitar players like me. Thanks Marty! Keep on rock-in’ brother, you got a fan for life!

  6. Hell yeah!

  7. Hey Marty How about doing Don McLean's Vincent(Starry Starry Night)?

  8. Beautiful guitar Marty who makes it..

  9. Can you do a cover of send the pain below chevelle?


  11. Can you do nothing compares too you if u haven’t already plz

  12. Hello marty can u learn to us crazy train (by ozzy) or die yound(loner)?

  13. Micah Stefan Dagaerag

    No one writes music quite like that anymore these days.

  14. Wow, you broke that down nicely, sound so good and easy, be into that in a minute. Thanks

  15. hell ya Marty.

  16. I would like to learn Home Coming (acoustic version), the theme of the movie Rambo: First Blood, is there a chance of a video? Nice video by the way!!!

  17. Great lesson Marty ✌

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