Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes – Easy Beginner Version – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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  1. Are you going to redo this lesson Marty???

  2. This is brilliant! Huge thanks from this beginner!!!!

  3. That’s a sick little trick!! ☺️✌️

  4. the percussive sound is called "chucking" 🙂

  5. Marty teaches us to play Shot reverse shot

  6. Marty you look so stoned in this video xD

  7. This is great thank you so much!!! I want to practice and perfect it, eventually learning all the in-between melodies and to sing along! Im a beginner and this is so helpful

  8. this is easier when u do bar chords 😀 its how jack does it 😉

  9. Thanks man it is helpful for beginners

  10. your a fucking bitch shut you rat lips with your up down shit if you cant figur it out by listening you should use your guitar as fire wood i wasted 5 min of my life for the last 20 seconds of your video

  11. hey marty can you please teach us how to play no other way by jack johnson? pleaase

  12. Hey Marty. Loving the lessons man..Could you please teach some Paolo Nutini. I love this guy!!!!! Cheers dude

  13. You are so bad for my a.d.d. Guitar learning, ive learned like fifteen songs in two months…

  14. you´re the best!!! thx a lot 🙂

  15. Sophisticat ed Cat

    Screw that marty is damn batter!!

  16. were u ever in the school band?

  17. down


  18. Im 24 years old recently laid off so i decided to pick up a guitar for the first time in my life yesterday im already playing bubble toes thanks so much man you taught me everything so far keep it up

  19. @RhonnieRach
    not sure how to word this but this is what he did:
    B string: pluck it open twice. Then, on first fret twice, third fret once, open B again. E string open 3 times. B string third fret twice, first fret three times and finishes with a G chord.
    I'm almost pretty sure that was it. hope it helps 😉

  20. down up down..up up up down up.

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