Jack Johnson – Good People – Acoustic Guitar lesson – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. Marty your just the best at teaching, I watch u when it comes to tutorials. thx!

  2. Great job, easy to understand for casuals like me. Cheers, man

  3. Awesome.Since I find your lessons I learn songs faster and could play Jack Johnson tribute since learning from gou

  4. marty i want to say thank you for all these tutorials your putting out there.iv been playing 3 years now i would not be were i am without you! iv always thought u was a bit of a doofus but your defiantly the best tutorial youtuber about keep what you do man and keep it real!!

  5. Hey! Great job. Do you have the tabs/notes written out?

  6. Can you please teach this with a capo?

  7. fuck off

  8. Epic lesson 😀 Your videos are by far the best for learning new songs

  9. awesome lesson. fun stuff to play. thanks for being so specific about the strumming pattern. i have gotten so much better since i've started watching you videos. my friends don't even mind listening to me play!

  10. Sometimes Jack plays it with a capo on the 2nd fret and just strums it in G Instead of E.
    Easier and sound great. check out the video with him on the river in London

  11. Wish I knew the chord shapes

  12. Awesome!  Thank you sharing this with us.  Great lesson!

  13. I hate everything about you.

  14. this easy

  15. MARTY!!!! No other way by Jack Johnson! Please do a lesson. The tabs are straight forward, but it's always the rhythm with Jack Johnson songs. Excellent lesson btw

  16. i think you have to change this video for a new one, cause te third chord of the song is C# MINOR 

  17. It's supposed to be a c#m instead of a c#! 🙂 

  18. This is REALLY close to the original, but the third chord in the progression should b C# MINOR instead of major. It's a one finger difference I know but it changes the function of the chord. Otherwise excellent lesson!! Very helpful. Thanks!

  19. Gabby Pagadora (Gavinci)

    Very helpful! Keep it up Marty!

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