Jack Johnson I Got You Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Today’s acoustic guitar lesson is for I Got You by Jack Johnson! I’m showing you guys how to play the riff played throughout the song and teaching you the chords as well. Grab your guitars and let’s get playing!

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  1. Thanks for watching and supporting! I also have free courses at my site http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. Can you do life is a highway. There are no accurate lessons on YouTube. Thanks so much Marty!

  3. Hey Marty, so I’m coming to the end of the acoustic series. I’ve watched and learned all the chords you showed, trying to master the finger picking pattern down on the video you have. I see that the only thing remaining is strumming pattern then there is no more content.

    What do you recommend I do next? What is a good next step to keep progressing? Do I keep learning more complex chords? Or how to read tab?

    Let me know! Take care.

  4. Hey marty can you please do the song girls girls girls by motley crue

  5. Giannis Kyriakodis

    Marry you should do a lesson on home sweet home by motley crue

  6. archie bensley

    The thing we all want to know is whats under the fedora?

  7. Keep the JJ coming, Marty….

  8. This vid is great! I also found this other channel called primitive guitar that's also really good

  9. FlashFreak 508

    Would love to see a video on Ten Years Gone by Led Zepplin

  10. Hey Marty, thank you for the I got you guitar lesson. Appreciate it!

  11. Can you do a lesson on hail to the king by avenged sevenfold? QwQ just the solo?

  12. Can you do hotel California solo tutorial joe Walsh and don fielder

  13. Hey Marty please do some more blues stuff

  14. Hey Marty, can we get a Soundgarden – Fourth of July lesson, I want to steal it for a shortfilm I'm working on

  15. this was awesome! could you do a video on encore by rhcp? it has a great blend of lead and rhythm guitar

  16. hey Marty! could you please add Sweet Baby James by James Taylor to your idea list?? that would be amazing 🙂

  17. Hey Marty! Could you do a lesson to Million Dollar Bash by Bob Dylan?

  18. Sean Patrick Murphy

    Love all the Jack you’ve been teaching lately Marty!! You’re the best. I always feel positive tuning into you!

  19. Can you teach how to play 115 from call of duty zombies please martyyy

  20. The blackbird by the Beatles lesson please,,

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